Saturday, June 9, 2012

When do you feel beautiful?

My sister, Lauren (ladaisi) has passed this cute blog post idea along.  So I figured I should try it and pass it on to you, because let's face it... every girl has that day when she needs to feel beautiful. 
Quote: "So here's the challenge: rather than delving into the unhappy comparisons, 
why not keep a list of the things that make you feel beautiful?"
I feel beautiful:

1) When I'm held in Josh's arms, knowing I'm safe and loved.
2) When I'm at the beach, digging my feet in the sand and soaking up the sunshine.
3)  When it's very late at night, when no one else is there to see me... go figure.
4)  When I come out of the a movie in the theater... not sure why... maybe the lighting?
5)  When I buy something colorful and wear it for the first time.
6) When it's storming and I want to be in the rain, jumping in puddles... feeling the excitement.
7) When I take a nap after a shower, hair wet and all.
8) When my hair is particularly thick from going crazy in the wind (preferably beach wind).
9) When I finish a piece of art... and I like the way it turned out. 
10)When kids I have taken care of or babysat run up and hug me and tell me they love me.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When you're flying high take my heart along

The world is mine, he says. I love you forever, and I am yours, his lips say. I believe those ocean eyes, my darling.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It's a new year, and everything starts afresh. Makes me think of Anne, "tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it... yet." So instead of taking the dreary approach that January is a month long Monday, I've decided to make the best of it. Family going home, icy cold weather and whatever else it may bring... like the mole we just found stuck in our pipes intercepting all water to our holding tank... it's going to be good.

"People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be" -Abraham Lincoln.

I've been asked several times if Santa was good to me this year. I'm assuming they mean gifts, but in reply I say, "yes, my whole family was here." I'm so thankful I had Christmas with all seven of my siblings, my brother-in-law, nephew, parents, grandpa and two aunts. It was a full house, but an amazingly blessed one at that. My siblings are my best friends, which makes it even harder when you have to say goodbye. There's the hopes in we'll all be living close by each other with our own families someday... somewhere along the south coast. But for now, whether they be two hours to halfway across the world from me, I just have to deal. And go visit them... Florida in (most likely) February, and Denmark in June. This year I am going to travel.

In the meantime... I have Josh to take care of me. I told you I would get to that man, didn't I? We've been together for almost six months now, and he's proven to be nothing short of amazing to me. The crazy thing is, I know it is only going to get better.

"Love gives you wings. It makes you fly. I don't even call it love. I call it Geronimo. When you're in love, you'll jump right from the top of the Empire State and you won't care, screaming "Geronimo" the whole way down." -Conspiracy Theory