Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Goal of the day: make it to 7:30 pm.

I got to work at 10:30 am after drinking a rather large cup of coffee. So naturally, I have to pee. Coffee is a pee drug, and also a natural laxative which means if I don't have it that day I, most likely, will not poop. I told two male employees that a few days ago over a cup of coffee, and I think I may have shocked them. I love shocking people. They never see it coming from someone like me. I have no problem speaking of the body's daily activities, obviously. I get to work and it just so happens both of the bathrooms are blocked off. A water pipe busted early that morning. No water, no flushing, no relieving oneself. They said they were on top of it, but I think people just say that so others won't panic. The hair salon, subway and the deli had to close down. They ended up taking truck loads of employees to Nelson's Tractors down the road half the day until it was fixed.

Lunch: 3:00 pm.

I decided to go to lunch at McDonalds. There's a first. I have never left work to go to lunch I always eat in the break room. I don't like to eat out alone, I feel like I'm wasting money. Chris was there... he's a cashier I work with who was just offered a raise in the meat department. Goodbye Chris. So I had lunch with him. He's a funny guy. Red hair, plays banjo, goes to Waffle House every night, never stops talking... you know the type. I like him because he's not afraid to say whatever is on his mind, and it's obvious he cares for everyone he meets. I had a good lunch... felt like I got more of a break being away from work... I think I may have to do that more often so I don't feel like passing out the minute I get back on the floor.

Round 2.

The water pipe was fixed. No more customers frantically running around demanding to know why they can't go. As the day went on I began to wonder if there was something on my face or a sign on my back that read: "check me out". First it was a Smith. Patrick went through with his sister, and their nephew, as I found out. He kept waving and saying to call him thinking it was funny... Patrick told me he thought I was gorgeous. A tall black guy came through my line and asked for my number on his receipt. He came through a second time about an hour later and asked again. I told him I had a boyfriend and he refused to let that stop him so he said he'd come back the next day and wait by my car. Cassidy offered to walk me out last night, but I didn't think it possible he'd know which car was mine. If he's there tonight I am going to flip. A man probably nearly thirty made a comment on how I must get hit on a lot with how pretty I am. That's a pick up line if I ever heard one. I told him mostly by creepy old men. He found that hilarious and proceeded to ask me out.
"I have a boyfriend"
"Oh, he probably wouldn't like that, would he?"
"No, he wouldn't."
I love getting to say that.

Round 3.

The day is coming to an end. As usual, we hardly have any cashiers around seven and the lines are so far back you can't walk down the front isle. One of the last ladies I get has a buttload of wic... I almost made it through a day without doing a single wic transaction. She got the wrong milk, of course. (Warning: rant ahead) I don't mind doing wic as long as the customer has things in order and can show me their form and sign in a timely manner... that usually doesn't happen. I do, however, appreciate wic more than food stamps because with wic you can only purchase healthy food, and it only goes 'till the child is six... Whereas food stamps you can get whatever junk you want for as long as you want. I had a woman with three carts--THREE CARTS--of junk, absolutely nothing healthy, $500 on EBT. You can always tell which ones they are too... they're fat, their teeth are falling out, they smoke and they're rude like they don't appreciate the government taking our taxes to feed them junk so they can slowly kill themselves. Wow. Alright so I know some people really do need it and I am happy that there are programs like that to help them... I really am. But there's a difference between needing it, and abusing it.
I clocked out, but then I had to go find my boss. This week we're doing inventory... which means a million people come through the store and check prices---so all day today I will hear that annoying little "beep" their telezones make when they scan a barcode. My boss, or any of my bosses for that matter, are always running around the store and they're impossible to find, let alone talk to. So after chasing Jonathan around the store and the backroom where my creepy admirer old man told me I was looking good, ew, I gave up and wrote him a note... I need some days off for upcoming music events. What a long day.

And yes, Josh and I are dating now. We've been together for seven weeks. The night we came back from Ohio he said we should date.
"Well, are you going to ask me?"
"Not like we're in highschool, I won't... Will you be with me?"

Aside from still having no idea what I'm doing, I am happy.